BROOKS SADDLE "Swallow" in stock !!

The slender and stylish Swallow, especially in inquiries, is finally in stock than Brooks English! ! I guess many people have been waiting. This time it is only two arrivals, so it is a quick win. If you are interested, be as soon as possible. BROOKS ENGLAND B15 Swallow Chrome ¥ 24,600 + Tax In fact, this Swallow model was a road racing saddle made nearly 80 years ago, and at that time it became a pioneer because there was no other road bike.
This sharp silhouette and the bold cut epidermis match not only modern pists but also road bikes and MTB. It has a unique structure that connects left and right leather at the bottom of the saddle and prevents the leather tension and the shape of the leather. It goes well with slender chromoly frames such as Leader Bike 722TS and CINelli Gazeetta.
It is BROOKS that 722TS and GAZZETTA are finally stocked at this time. smile This time, only Black is available, but other colors can be prepared. If you are planning to buy a chromoly frame, please try this saddle. Brotures Harajuku 03-6804-3115 Yusuke
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