DRIVELINE CUSTOMSET is only a little rema...

BROTURES RIP CRANK + EURO-ASIA COG + HKK VERTEX CHAIN ​​is more than ¥ 28,000 The only way to customize the undercarriage is now! ! "DRIVELINE CUSTOMSET" was announced at the price setting. It will be sunny from the day after tomorrow, according to such a custom! On a rainy day, I went to work on a train every day, and my feet were too heavy ... It's not a type that is tied to something, but I'm really not good at trains ... I'm selling bicycles, but on rainy days, it's limited to cars! ! smile So this guy is aiming for [YouTube][/youtube] 31 -year Ford HOT ROD PICKUP !! An engine that eliminates all wasteful parts such as hood and bumper to the dirty sound of V8 Sports cars equipped with modern high -spec engines that appear in movie wild speed are also attractive After all I like the former When assembling your custom bikes, you often make colorful American cars as a sample. For example, the image of the 722TS I am riding now was such a body.
And try to drop it into the fix like this ...
Basically, HOT ROD seems to have a lot of things in common with the fixie ... Somehow we talked about it, but if you stick to it like a car, "engine" * Officially a sprocket, a drive part, but ... lol No matter how high -quality carbon wheels you have, no matter how high -end frame you are assembled. If my feet are light, I am not convinced personally. If you stick, start here! ! In that sense, I am doing this DriveLine Customset. The rest is small. Let's tune up now and get ready to fight for the end of the rainy season. Brotures Harajuku 03-6804-3115 Yusuke
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