DJ Muro King S color custom!!

I always care for youXarp (sharp) seems to have made your MV. MV YouTube[/youtube] The shooting seems to have been done in NY, and the townscape and air feeling of NY are transmitted. XarpKing IncDirections for The experience of MRO Muro is also experiencedMuro is also participating in MV. I also adore MRO.
Adidas originals for Kinetics - x-dj-mul collection 1
This Muro model's Adidas is very famous. When I see black, green and red, I associate Muro. So, this week will be coming out next week How about this custom?
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In the rear, it is in the original original thing. The wheel color custom can be made free of charge.
Deda treet-issimo The stem is made of aluminum. A sense of unity by adding green to the spacer.
Fizzle arrone CX of the brothes. Seat post style with Deda zero 100. I will also be able to go to playI also organize the onOut bus stop.
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This week is 24 days next week! Come and have time! Xarp for MTK founding
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Xarp & luiger A film by tea Kato Browne Street album "xarp & Co" was released in April The new group by the front man "xarp (sharp)" of rap group MTK funkking belonging to King Inc is decided to be released at the same time! The rhyme on the thrilling and sweeping beat is from the xarp in the "Pierrot" in the modern world MessageMake your own decision! The second song "all this time" seems to be a sharp cut It is a work that showed the sense of the world, and the beat is a thing by itself. It is also known as the BBP belonging to the hiphop documentary "sbx" "Tea Kato Browne (ex. Zunbug)" is a work which is said to be an air conditioner that is said to be the director of "koreso Honjo!". Please listen by all means! Natsuka
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