EQNX vs Shred88 Custom.

Leader Bike's first carbon frame "EQNX" If you want to Ride the city cooler than anyone, and if you want to Ride the city cooler than anyone, this one is decided. Such EQNX BROTURES EToday we introduce street machines finished with XCLUSIVE's "SHRED88". I installed a carbon diprim like a fighter, finished in matte black.
BRotures Original Carbon Deep Rim "Shred88" Front ¥ 50,000 + Tax Brotures Original Carbon Deep Rim "Shred88" Rear ¥ 52,000 + TAX It is no exaggeration to say that the carbon carefully selected by BROTURES is the most advanced material and is the highest class in both lightness and rigidity. If the normal aluminum wheel is 1300g to 1400g, everyone is surprised at the overwhelming lightness of 800g, even though the rim height is quite high, 88mm. I put it in front and back, but when I run, it also sounds a carbon box, so I step on the pedal and go up the tension. smile And the saddle was a SDG USA saddle, and the seat post was firmly assembled with Thomson Elite SearchPost.
SDG Duster RL Ti-alloy SADDLE ¥ 12,000 + Tax Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 8,400 + TAX "SDG", which is loved around this world, is actually made in the United States as Leader Bike. Speaking of saddles, such as Selle Italia and BROOKS, it is European, but if you choose Meriken Frame anyway, use Meriken parts. smile The Flex Cavity Beam has a technology that absorbs shock, so it realizes a more comfortable ride than a normal saddle. Many people are worried that the piste bike saddle hurts. And even if it is said to be designed like this EQNX, the limited color that does not feel strange is also attractive! The seat post to match is also a custom that can not be overtaken by Thomson. If you use a carbon frame with a carbon wheel, you can't imagine the seat post other than Thomson. And the handle is loved by Leader Bike's official rider "EMI BROWN".
DEDA ELEMENTI PISTA DROP BAR ¥ 7,700 In fact, it is a venerable drop bar that has a track record in the Olympic track competition. This DEDA PISTA can be used with confidence even for beginners because the grip part is longer than a normal track drop. This handle, finished in matte black like aluminum rugs and shreds, increases the sense of unification of the body. What is the most recommended stem now in matte black? When asked, he definitely answered this.
Fizik Cyrano Stem 7 ° ¥ 11,920 This Cyrano STEM is a highest grade stem that combines strength and lightness using 7075 aluminum proposed by Fizik. The design is of course great, but the components that have been researched and exhausted the skeleton and movement of people have achieved quality that can not be imitated by other companies. And if you come here, the feet of Harajuku's original custom is this.
SUGINO 75 Crank Set ¥ 21,300 + Tax This is MADE IN JAPAN. Pure truck crank of NJS standard used in bicycle racing. Sugino 75 Crank, which has fans around the world, including Leader's official riders, is also popular in staff. This is an elegant silver, and other color black is not an NJS certified product, but it is also a popular crank.
And because it is PCD144, almost all chain rings handled by Brotures can be customized.
SUGINO 75 SSG CHAINRING ¥ 10,900 If you want to match the Sugino 75 crank, the Sugino 75 SSG chain ring is the smartest. I plan to make myself and the store manager GODAI. SUGINO's chain ring is very accurate, and the popular Zen chain ring is said to be the "world's most beautiful chain ring" by truck riders around the world.
I want to Ride in Harajuku with such EQNX. EQNX is only a few remaining ... The popular S and MSIZE are likely to be sold out soon. If you are aiming, please contact us. Leader Bike EQNX vs SHRED88 Custom ¥ 377,555 Brotures Harajuku 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.gmail
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