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Otaki's collaboration project for T19, which is being held at BEAMS during the break yesterday It was held only the day before yesterday at the photo exhibition of Pineapple Betty's x BEAMS "New Romantic Home Boyz" I went with a silk screen with a brought T -shirt!
I chose the type and color and printed it! ! I took a T -shirt of the tie and asked for orange and blue ink. I'm too happy with the best workmanship. And the legendary surf shop PineaPple Betty's!
It looks like I'll do it next week! ! I will go again. And yesterday was a holiday, so I went to the flea market at Oi Racecourse! And yesterday, On June 21, "Let's take a break from school and work on this day around the world." Skateboard day that started in 2004,"Go skateboarding day" I also take a break from work and go out with a skateboard.
I arrived at 11 o'clock in the afternoon, and there is also a surf depth, and after the digs, I moved to Oimachi I moved to the standing bar, the Oimachi store in the late cup shop, and drank from 2:00 to 18:00 in the afternoon. By the way, a very popular 10 set limited SET, BROTURES DRIVELINE CUSTOMSET ¥ 28,000 ( + TAX) is also 2 sets! !
Three items of the crank cog chain that greatly affect the running of the fixie bike. Even those who are riding carbon parts and high quality frames It's too much to be upgraded these three items. Crank, the most important part. Here is the popular No. 1 crank, BROTURES RIP CRANK.
In addition to the normal black & polish, you can also select the new Broturs Rip Crank Color this time.
And the cog to match it is, of course, EURO-ASIA product. This time, I chose DLX in the sense of "first."
It seems that there are quite a lot of customers who are lost in choosing a cog, but the most popular is 17T, which is easy to use. Reason,
The chain ring 51t to match will have a skid point of 1, but there are 17 points in other chain rings.
The gear ratio is 2.88 when combined with RIP CRANK, the best gear ratio to cruise the city lightly. And this time, in addition to the item, Vertex Chain Black! This chain is a high -quality chain that is based on NJS, and has a particularly high staff usage. This time, the wage to attach all this item is ¥ 28,000 ( + tax) including the price. It is 2 sets left! Please hurry! ! natsuka
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