Cinelli vol, 1 "parallax"

Hello. During the day, the weather was so refreshing that you forget the heavy rain yesterday. However, yesterday's heavy rain, the store was flooded, and even from my own guitar, it was YUSUKE. By the way, the story has changed, following the last Histograph, a new CINELLI × MASH that finally arrived at Brotures stores. The name is "parallax" I tried to assemble such Parallax luxuriously with the newly arrived HED. Please take a look with the feeling that you want to ride this one of you someday.
CINELLI × MASH VS HED CUSTOM ¥ 627,000 Although the amount is difficult, this is a completed form that has just arrived. Of course, there is nothing to say if you can assemble this custom from the beginning,You can get on Parallax for around 200,000 yen in a basic way of assembly.。 First, introduce from the front and rear wheels. This time the arrival was quite delayed, because the HED was looking for a high -quality carbon resin in a posture that did not allow compromise. Why do you all want to use HED wheels in the first place? The appearance and its lightness are obvious at a glance, but it may be the theoretical reason for the often described "air resistance". Spokes that produce the most air resistance among parts that make up the wheels. In other words, the less this spoke, the shorter the more air resistance born. That's why baton wheels and deep rims are selected. If you try to make deep rims and batons with aluminum, a very heavy wheel will be made. smile And it's a carbon. It is installed to reduce this air resistance as much as possible to wear baton and disks in truck competitions. First, see the graph listed on the HED homepage.
After all, the higher the rim hat, the more air resistance will decrease. Disc and numbers are better than others. smile However, the higher the rim hat, the heavier the weight ... There is no end to worrying, but you can also expect the propulsion "gyro effect" that uses the centrifugal force born of a heavy rim. At first, it is a certain rim high, and it is a small spoke. Because the HED has built a solid position, the title of No. 1 is appropriate for its quality! ! It has become longer, but introduces the body.
HED H3 Carbon Baton Wheel ¥ 140,000 + Tax 3 baton wheels of the HED of the HED described above. Even now and in the past, the popularity is not known that the popularity will decline, and the situation is sold out immediately after the arrival. There is no doubt that this part will raise the grade and presence of the bicycle at once. And the tires to be matched are determined by Continental.
Continental Grand Prix 4 Season ¥ 6,600 It's nice to be a piste bike suffering from punk, and its flexibility is for sale first. As a result of testing 5000 km, the punk is only three times, and it is a threatening durability. smile The front tires, which are skids and relatively low exhaustion, are determined by the concrete tires that have a combination of not only driving but also strength. And JET9 for the rear
Hed Jet9 Carbon Track Wheel ¥ 135,000 Carbon diprim, which is gaining popularity at Brotures Shred88, is also released from the HED. The first thing that surprised me was the rotational force of the hub. Unlike the sticky rotation force such as PHILWOOD, it is a really pleasant rotation force even if you turn it with your hand that does not feel any resistance. It wasn't easy to stop, so my wrist was going to hang ... lol In addition to that, for the "air resistance born in the spoke" mentioned earlier, the blade spokes with crushed spokes are used, so the resistance is reduced as much as possible. Like last time, the HED products are available in Black Decals. And this is also decided with Conti tires.
Continental GATOR SKIN ¥ 4,700 The most popular concrete tire in BROTURES is this. The horizontal load on skid is also a special processing of Dura Skin, the mesh of this orange, and the puncture resistance is ◎. And personally, a bullhorn x TT lever whose taste has recently been inclined here
SRAM TT500 BRAKE LEVER ¥ 9,000 If the handle's handle is refreshing, and if you can select a bullhorn where the wire can be communicated, the wires that everyone dislikes will be eliminated around the handle. Currently, carbon is also stocked besides Red this SRAM, so if you are in a bullhorn, please try this custom once. And the stem is Fizik's Cyrano Stem.
Fizik Cyrano R3 STEM (90mm x 20 °) ¥ 11,920 The reason why I always shoot at this angle is that I personally can't forgive that the angle of the stem is higher than the frame. smile
Not only the appearance, but also the attacking position is realized, so the air resistance received by the body also decreases. And finally the crank at your feet. Here is the Rip Crank, the royal road of Brotures custom This time, I finished it with Ceramic Version, which was upgraded from normal RIP CRANK.
I assembled it in CERAMIC for the first time in a long time, but the high -rigidity ceramic bearing boasts as much durability that is used in NASA. The BB of the fierce and high -speed piste bike must be tough. In this way, I was concerned from the corner to the corner. There are many parts that could not be introduced this time, but please take a look at the store. Then, please give me the last comparison image with the previous Histogram2014!
Both are unique, a frame that combines CINELLI's commitment and Mash's modern image. Which would you choose? Yusuke
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