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I went to Nippori because it was a holiday yesterday. I went to a vocational school for three years, so the Nippori fabric wholesale street is always a town. I went for the first time in a student, but when I saw the fabric piled up to the ceiling There is a feeling of thrilling in the back of my heart.
After that, in Akihabara, I looked for Super Nintendo cassettes. Super potatoThe retro special SHOP is very fun. And there is a candy store on the top floor. Speaking of my favorite food, I bought a lot because it is takoyaki and candy. I found a mandarin orange at another game center so I got it.
The young people today will not know. A mysterious educational TV that I was doing about 20 years ago. I thought it was Ponkikkies because of the difference in memory, but was it Ugo Goruga? Since it was 1992, I was still 4 years old and I didn't understand the meaning, but now I don't understand the meaning. [YouTube] mz_v2nqkkk0[/youtube] Then to Shibuya. Preview of the documentary movie "OUR Vinyl Weighs A Ton" by Stones Throw Records! !
Stones Throw Record, which has been leading underground on the west coast since its founding in 1996. Peanuts butter wolf, mad ribs, Mayer Hawsorn, Daim Funk, Kanye West, Snoop Dog, Quest Love, Through interviews with Common, Mike D, Tyler the Creators, look back on the 18 -year trajectory of this powerful indie label. [YouTube] rwzvv_77MHM[/youtube] And I came to front of the movie theater and realized that I had no money. I was having fun with candy and mandarin aliens until a while ago I didn't expect this. By the way, I have to spend 3000 yen until 10 days, Even if you are in the same situation, you still want a bicycle right now. Some people may say. There is a JACCS loan of a strong ally for such people! Today we will introduce a little about the estimate. First, let's make an estimate that you want this together at the store.
CINELLI X MASH HISTOGRAM 2014 Full Spec Custom ¥ 426,000 I want to make a high -spec fist like this. But the money is not immediately at hand. If you think so, JACCS. If you are over 20 years old, you will not need your parents, so you can judge it in about 15 minutes on the same day, so it is very easy. Minors have no problem if they have the consent of their parents. Let's actually demonstrate. First of all, assuming that the previous car body will be assembled with a two -year loan, if you try to quote JACCS,
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The real annual rate is 8%and the monthly payment is less than 20,000 yen. Of course, please be assured that you can pass the examination at all without a down payment. Those who have brought back the estimate, those who just want Leader Bike but are worried about the budget. Please feel free to contact Brotures Harajuku. You can make a quote of the body and the JACCS estimate in 5 minutes. Of course, we will do it for free, so please feel free to do it! natsuka
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