Next -generation light, Lucetta Light ¥ 3...

Light that evolves every day. A new style light has landed! Lucetta Light ¥ 3,200 (excluding tax)
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This is a small magnet -type small cylindrical bicycle light. And I'm happy that it's a front and rear set. As it is a magnet, it can be freely attached to the bicycle frame. The storage is also compiled, so you can put it in a pocket and so on. In addition, it can withstand the impact of all steps, and it will not fall because it will be firmly attached to the installation surface.
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The front is white and the rear is set before and after the red light. It supports three modes: lighting and flashing (speed / slow). The switch is located on the back of the main unit, so it will be turned on when you attach it to a bicycle. Once removed and attached again, the mode will be changed and it will be off.
Can only the chromoly people use the frame? Those who are worried. fine. ADITIONAL BASE ¥ 600 (excluding tax) can be attached to aluminum and carbon frame!
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It is easy to attach and remove, so it is not troublesome to remove it, so it seems to work hard to prevent theft. Because it is a simple design, it looks like any bicycle. Incorporated, such as winning each design award at a global international exhibition. Moreover, it can be attached anywhere where a magnet is attached, such as a bag or helmet. Please take advantage of your originality. [Vimeo] 77288178[/vimeo] Please contact us as mail order is also possible. natsuka
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