Cinelli Vol, 2 "Gazzetta"

The previousCINELLI PARALLAX BlogFollowing this Vol, 2 is Gazzetta, a rare chromoly frame in BROTURES.
Like Histograph and Parallax, this Gazzetta also uses tubes of the world -famous tube company "Columbus".
You have seen this bird mark once! A venerable company that is also used in sports car frames such as fruits and Ferrari. Aero -shaped Max, high -end pipe representatives, everyone's longing SLX, and many other materials in the bicycle world, such as Histograph and Parallax air plane. Even if you say "aluminum" or "chromoly" in one word, the materials are various. It may be one of the pleasures to explore what kind of material your bicycle is. For example, the 6061 aluminum alloy used for 725TR and 735TR
Strong material with slightly copper mixed The 6061 material is used in many bicycle brands, including frames.
The place where the aluminum, which is said to be difficult to weld, is beautifully smoothed is the appeal of Leader Bike. and, The story was devastated again, but first look at the whole picture of Gazzetta.
Cinelli Gazzetta Custom \ 194,341 I always gave only a high -end price range bike, but at this price, you can make good and cool ones. First of all, the wheel. The rim of H Plus Son ArchType in front and rear is the same as the carbon rim of 45OG.
H Plus Son ArchType ¥ 7,000 + Tax As I heard from a manufacturer, BLB, which is an agency for H Plus Son overseas, seems to have 3,000 a month in Europe. A terrible archtype ... As you can see from images such as Instagram, many overseas riders often use this ArchType.
The hub to match is a Cycroc hub that has a reasonable and comparable performance as a hub that can be unmilled.
CyCroc Large Flange Hub [F] ¥ 5,250 [R] ¥ 5,250 It is a hub that can not be thought of among the staff, "Isn't it a bit too cheap?" smile Good accuracy to turn well. And there are plenty of color variations.
Gray There are other GREENs. The weather is getting better, so why not customize it with a colorful color hub? Then move to the component. First of all, the "stem" part that connects the fork and the handle
CINELLI × MASH STEM ¥ 14,000 Once again, the angle of the top tube and stem is flat. In addition to this angle, the color is Black and Silver, the length is 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, and you can choose from 3 patterns ◎. Stem is a very important part for setting positioning, so talk with the staff and choose carefully.
And the handle that matches the cinelli x mash stem is a Nitto oversized bullhorn, which is probably the first to appear on a blog.
Nitto RB018 Bullhorn ¥ 7,000 An unusual 31.8 mm clamp -backed bullhorn in the NITTO series. RB021 The bullhorn has to put in the shim, and only the handle becomes thinner, ... This handle is designed to be familiar to the Japanese hands, reducing the stress when riding. And this time, I put a BROOKS leather saddle because it was a slender classical frame.
BROOKS SADDLE Swift Chrome ¥ 19,000 A popular saddle that can be used for mountain bikes and road bikes that cut the side for racing. Honestly, BROOKS's saddle uses durable leather that will not be useless even if you use it for 10 years, so you need patience for the first month. However, it will be well -maintained, and it will be so comfortable that you will not be able to taste it elsewhere in a month. I want to choose something that can love the parts to be selected for the rest of my life because it is a lifetime bicycle. And at the feet are Brotures Rip Crank. It's the same every time, but it's not a defeat! smile
BROTURES RIP CRANK ¥ 21,000 Why is it RIP again! ? It seems that it is thought, but ... I omit the performance because I always talk. This GAZZETTA, the number of teeth 49T x 17t = 2.88, the clearance is like this.
Approximately 2cm ... I care about the clearance here and the angle of the stem and top tube I talked about before. I would like to talk about what the benefits of filling the clearance here on the next blog.
The logo on the frame can also be made to the details and can make a cool one without any custom. Whatever you want to hide, the frame you want the first time is Gazzetta, so somehow you will love it. smile We will introduce the custom car of CINELLI that I have introduced in a row last week.
Cinelli Gazzetta Custom All vehicles can also support a JACCS loan that can buy bicycles at a lower payment of ¥ 0 and cheaper than mobile charges every month. this! ! Please contact us if you have a car body you thought. Brotures Harajuku 03-6804-3115 Yusuke
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