Road drop handle festival

Hello. Nice to meet you again! It is the Osaka store that is on a business trip to the Harajuku store today and tomorrow. I'm working hard on the round glasses, so please come and see it! ! By the way, what I would like to introduce today is "Road drop handle」 The Harajuku store is now a variety of road drops. I would like to introduce the three carefully selected points.
DEDA RHM ZERO100 ¥ 12400 (+tax) This is a very popular DEDA handle. First of all, the first impression is cool. Mad black handles give bicycles luxury.
It looks cool, but the ease of holding is perfect! ! It's worth trying once! ! ! Subsequently
Fizik Cyrano R3 ¥ 10340 (+Tax) It will be the handle made by Fizik. Naturally, the type of handle is divided depending on the supple body. For those who have a hard body, "Bull」 As a suitable type for both, "chameleon」 For those who are confident in the softness of the body, ""snake」 Depending on the type of customer, the handle can be chosen It is a gem like FIZIK.
Choose the Fizik handle with the saddle It's cool with a sense of unity! At the end
NITTO MOD 90 ¥ 36000 (+tax) The last introduction is the carbon handle. "Nitto" stable handle maker The goodness of the carbon handle given by Nitto is amazing. It was created to commemorate the 90th anniversary of its founding Strictness that greatly exceeds European safety standards A high -spec carbon handle that meets the unique standards of Nitto.
The weight is 225g, and it has strength, It can be said to be an Ultimate handle! If you are interested, please go to the Harajuku store! ! It looks sunny tomorrow! We look forward to welcome you. Bandai
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