Custem & S735tr before after!

Yesterday, I went over to the manager of the big five family, and went to the surf with Yoro. There was not much wave, but the weather was good and it was the best day!
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The bicycle that the bicycle got stained more and more colors It is really glad to watch. I was always able to take a long time to come to play. This is the first time of delivery.
Img 1408
I haven't been in a year yet. It was considerably sufficient spec at this time. Now it becomes like this!
Img 8395
The color tends to become confused while advancing the custom It is wonderful that the shade of this small expression keeps keeping the discreet color which is adult. FrontBLB notorious 05 full carbon clincher five spoke!! AndMichelin Pro 4 red .
Img 8396
Shred88 mm carbon deep wheelsetToBrewres x philwood Street Limited track hubを Custom! The spokes are silver, too. The pro 4 is a good tire, so the front is pro 4 and the back is thickslick It seems that the affinity is good! Grip strength is strong, so I grasp the ground firmly. It is also recommended for skipf leak.
Img 8398
Img 42681
Img 4272
Seat postLeisure bike SPCA1 aero carbon test post ¥19,950 ! The seat post of the aero shape is unusual. And the ader. If the frame of aero, seat post! Crank combines Sugino 75 and Sugino Zen. Strap is rareYnot cypress straw Steven Jensen signature。 It is a signature model of Steven Jansen, one of the top riders in the FGFs world. And this is actually the best point. Greddy petal! 24000 can easily get courage.
Img 8405
This was really surprised. Incredibly smooth. It is smooth or it is already unbelievable. I cannot explain it in the mouth. I want you to experience this. And it is glad to correspond to the power strap. And the handle is also great again. Vuipull Vukabull carbon base bar fully renovated by advanced aerodynamics research. A new wing shape of slightly hollow shape nose sections and smooth curved arms It is thought that the aero is still, and is not the handle of the present and the science.
Img 8400
The owner of this bicycle was worried first, but It was very good to find my position! Always thank you. Please wait again! Why don't you like this custom? Come to play and come to play and show your bike. Please take a moment to take a picture. Natsuka
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