Anatomic handle is in stock!

Anatomic handle "DEDA ZERO100 DROP BAR" used for road bikes When choosing a drop handle, the number of customers customized by racing drops is increasing.
I am using this handle for commuting now, but it has become less tired even with long -distance rides. That should be it, even if you hold the front part, it is smooth when you hold it into a lower hand! This can be used for quick -up roads! Also, the part in front is crushed in an ellipse, so it is not painful when you hold it. In addition, the lightness of carbon is also attractive!
If you wind the bar tape, the movement of about 2,30 km is quite comfortable! During this time, sweaty bar tape is an essential item. Recently, road drops with high usage among overseas piste motorcycles. Please try it. DEDA ZERO100 DROP BAR ¥ 13,392
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