"MICHELIN PRO4" is available!

I commute by bicycle from a house in Yokohama two days ago, The temperature was high during the day before noon and it was quite battered. The tires at the front were exhausted and before returning home, I was able to return to a new tires and returned more easily, and I learned the importance of the tires again. 。 。 Therefore, MICHELIN PRO4, which is very popular with color tires, has arrived. You can put the color at one point, or you can safely Black. Specs, Pro4 Endurance ¥ 5700+TAX
Weight 700 x 23c 225g Bead (Kevler Beat) Cacing 110TPI The feature of Michelin Pro4 Enduranson is more resistant to punk than Pro4 SC.It has excellent abrasion resistance and has a special double compound that combines cornering grip. It will be a little heavy, but it is a tire that can be used relatively long. andPro4SC ¥ 6400+tax
Weight 700 x 23c 200g Bead (Kevler Beat) Cacing 110TPI The feature of the Michelin Pro4 SC is that the punk is not so strong, but it has a strong grip and is 20g lighter than the endurance. The color is less dirty by adding more colors than endurance. I think that the balance is good when combined with bar tape, grip, saddle, etc. There are many characteristics depending on the tires, and I think that the features you are looking for are different. You can try it using various tires, or you can ask your friends and staff. There are other tires from various manufacturers, Personally, I'm worried about the Vittoria Corsa series in general. Corsa SC II is located at the store. If you are worried, please contact the Renovatio I am riding, so if you are interested, please contact us! Bra
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