Leader Bike 735TR Notice of theft

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Sadly, BROTURES's important customers have been stolen. Please let us know if you see it as the specifications below. Frame: Leader Bike 735TR Fork: Leader Bike i806tr Handle: DEDA PISTA Drop Front Wheel: Brotures Original Shred88 Saddle: Tioga Twintail Saddle Custom looks like this and is all black. The stolen place was around Kamitakaido in Setagaya Ward. Even though he was locking at a convenience store, he was stolen ... If you see it, please contact us below. Brotures Harajuku 03-6804-3115 harajuku@brotures.com I often hear voices that have recently been stolen. One that you purchased with the money you worked on sweating, and one made by the mechanic with your feelings. We don't feel good to be stolen. There is no key that is 100%stolen, but isn't it anxious with a cheap key even though you bought a good bicycle? When buying a relatively expensive, sturdy key, think of it as the "insurance" of the body. First of all, the most popular Kryptonite Evolution Mini
Kryptonite Evolution Mini ¥ 8,800 (+Tax) And the chain type is decided by this.
Abus Steel-O-Chain ¥ 7,200 (+Tax) ABUS's popular chain Steel-O-CHAIN, which I used in a motorcycle rock If you can, I would like you to use these two at the same time if you stop for a long time. This time when it gets warm and everyone goes out Before your bicycle is stolen, be sure to prevent it. Yusuke
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