Cinelli Mash Parallax Custom! !

As if Cinelli seemed to be exhibiting as a sample, we had customers assembled it. It's a custom that can't be imitated easily even if you want to do it ...
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Wheel is a deep rim of HED.
The first thing that surprises is the rotational force of the hub. A really pleasant rotation force even if you turn it by hand without feeling any resistance. I feel that the rotation will not stop forever unless friction is applied. In addition to that, for "air resistance born in spoke" The use of blade spokes, whose spokes are crushed, are reduced as much as possible. The color is perfect, and the quality level is also Donpisha.
The handle is DEDA DABAR. This is also an intense light weight handle that does not require explanation. The stem is CINELLI x MASH according to the body.
The saddle is also Mash! Looking from the side, it is red → purple → blue. Yes, the parallax frame is blue on the back of the left chain stay, red on the right back. And the back of the fork is purple, so it is linked.
The crank is Sugino Zen in Omnium. Omnium also has a chain ring, but if you change the chain ring to a better one You will be asked for further accuracy. And in addition to that, the chain is IZUMI V Chain. If these three are aligned, they will demonstrate the most.
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Please refer to this one. By the way, tonight Captain Viny with Juke Joint !!
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