Brotures Leather Collection Last 1 point! !

Last 1 point! ! It is good to fold the hem only on the right foot, but there is such a product in Brotures original. Brotures Original Ankle Band
No unevenness, high quality, beautiful cowhide A luxury leather carefully selected by a tanned craftsman. Brotures engraved is also firmly pressed. Easy to use. Even if it is a one -touch and hard riding that just puts the pin in the hole I can't get it.
We are particular about the ingredients to be selected, Finish into a delicate part that cannot be seen with the eyes. Riding a higher rank than people. This is also the last one! ! It is a 1100mm chain lock.
Brown and black leather, of course, from Japan, trusted. The roller finish added to the salt and oil has a reputation, You can use it rugged even in rain and moisture. The design with a mesh pattern embossed Adopted chrome -free embossed kagome.
The tag is engraved with Brotures. By hand sewing the finish line, The strength increases, and the cause of the bodies is prevented I feel a dignity.
The chain lock you care about is The strength rank is highly evaluated by world standards Uses German security brands [ABUS]. The popular BLACK that was sold out first last time. Please early. Leather craftsmanTAKAJINThis collection was born in joint development. Feel free to do it by mail order. natsuka
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