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Many people have entered summer vacation from today! The opening of Koshien will be postponed tomorrow. The first day of consecutive holidays is a typhoon in western Japan, so please be careful! In Harajuku, when you ask all the customers who have purchased the purpose of purchasing There are many bicycle commuting.
I also commute from Tsunashima in Yokohama to Harajuku every day. The distance is just under 20 km, about 4,50 minutes. Basically, it's hot in summer and cold in winter, so I think it's really a limited season that bicycle commuting feels good. Nevertheless, there is a reason why there are people who keep commuting so much. I think the advantage of bicycle commuting is to be a tired body. It would be nice if you were going around in sales, but staying at the desk work all day or standing at shops, etc. In the evening, the legs swell, and the soles are more tired, and on the way home, they rush to the bombs. I think there is. Of course, about 10 minutes of massage can not get tired, and everyone will have a sluggish experience the next morning. When you commute by bicycle, this will be resolved at once. The cause of the fatigue of the foot is lactic acid accumulated in the blood, but lactic acid can be removed by aerobic exercise from 2,30 minutes. Of course, you can jog after returning home, but bicycles with a load of about 60%compared to jogging. Knees and joint pain, muscle pain, injuries are hard to get injured, and it is a very gentle aerobic exercise, so anyone can easily start. It is a reasonable exercise, so it lasts a long time. A pleasant exercise will be completely reset the next morning! If you can't continue your bicycle commuting, you can't do other exercises! The bicycle is an easy exercise. I went to work in my head in the morning and cruised with a relaxing feeling when I came home. Just at the end of the month, Leader 735TR, which is perfect for bicycle commuting, is available. It is perfect for those who are new to custom bikes for the first time for Complete Bikes!
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Leader 735TR ¥ 150,000 ~ It's too hot to start with bicycles now, so why not start in the fall?
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