Required for Bon Holiday !! Tioga Cocoon ...

Are you about to be a Bon holiday soon? Of course, BROTURES is open without a break, so local people Please come to the store at this opportunity! If you go to various places during this vacation, if you have a bicycle, the area of ​​playing locally will be enormous. If this is there, it will be real. Tioga Cocoon Bottle Type ¥ 3,800 (excluding tax)
Moreover, it is very compact because it is in Bottle like this. It would be the best trip if you put one in the BAG. If you are a car, you can load a bicycle as it is, but even those who do not go by car If you have this ring bag, you can put a bus and a train, so I think it's a good idea to have one.
It is no stressful and very good trip to put a car in a bicycle in some places. After all, I reconfirmed that bicycles are very convenient. It is very interesting to bring a bicycle with a ring bag to go to the city center. Where do you go for this vacation? Harajuku's mechanic, Tom, has traveled to Nepal, India for about three weeks from today. I'm worried, but BROTURES is also open on the Bon holiday! natsuka
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