SHIMANO ULTEGRA Carbon Pedal in stock!

I was planning to do a big ride at the end of this month, so I customized my feet after a long time! Until now, it was a Chrome shoe and CRANKBROTHERS pedal.
When I changed to this from the plastic pedal, I had been very good and I have been patronizing it for a long time. I want a stronger one to change to SHIMANO ULTEGRA PD-6800 this time!
If you make a binding pedal, you can not only step on it, but also to pull up and turn the pedal smoothly. The difference between the start of rowing and the uphill is obvious, and it is clearly easy to row. Moreover, because it is made of carbon, the weight is 260 grams and super lightweight! There is another Dura Ace on the top of the rank I think the cost performance of Ultegra is high because the price difference of 9,000 yen is 9,000 yen due to 10 grams. In addition, it is characterized by a strong sense of security, and the power is wide and the power is easily transmitted to the crank. This pedal can be rowed comfortably with sneakers, so even when you can't wear shoes You can ride without any problems. I moved about 20km several times, but it was comfortable except. The accuracy of the bearing is high and the rotation is surprisingly smooth. If you buy a fixie bike and get used to it, why not change it to a binding? The ride is completely different, and you will be impressed by the new feeling. You can also test drive at the store, so please let us know! SHIMANO ULTEGRA PD-6800 ¥ 13,553
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