The day before yesterday was a holiday, so I went to STREAMER COFFEE at Gakugei University.
Producing Streamer is a Latte Art in Seattle as a Japanese Get the title of the world champion, Mr. Sawada brought the culture of latinate art to draw while pouring to Japan. Leader Bike 735TR is riding!
I am also taking care of Streamer of Harajuku store quite frequently. My best is Mokashu Preme! it's the best. And at STREAMER COFFEE of Gakugei University, I also did Chrome's shop in shop.
Yesterday was the originalIt seems that there was a workshop to print screaming prints.
I want to check it out because I'm doing an interesting event on a regular basis! Speaking of Chrome, of course, BROTURES is also popular. Here is my first recommendation. Welded Rucksack ¥ 16,000 (excluding tax)
Some rain is fine. Moreover, the structure has no seams, so it boasts even better waterproofness.
And the included PC sleeve has a 15 -inch computer, a mobile phone, and a pocket for a pen. And this PC sleeve is solid and can be removed.
When attached inside, it is fixed when it floats a little without getting on the bottom, so when you put a bag, etc. You don't have to be careful.
BROTURES HARAJUKU has one point so be as soon as possible! ! The story will return to my holiday, so I'm free. Streamer of the university is under the elevated lines of the Toyoko Line, but the atmosphere is very large.
On the second floor of STREAMER COFFEE, there is a KILO SHOP, which is a French -origin weighing old clothes shop.
And near here is an old takoyaki restaurant that is known to those who know the flower. My favorite food in my world is takoyaki, and my seniors sometimes work here This is also a place to go with a mast. Buy a flower octopus, buy coffee at Streamer, and get on the outside bench.
After that, I went to buy fabrics and parts in Nippori.
Recently, I make sakosh every day. After that, I went to THE POOL AOYAMA produced by Hiroshi Fujiwara, who works by two seniors. To get this. thank you very much!
Join with the two seniors and go to Azabu Juban's festival at night!
It was a terrible person ... After that, I went to Roppongi Hills and played until about midnight, After that, I went to my home with my friends. And while watching the video, I made sakosh on this day with my friend chose and bought. Dissolved around 3 o'clock in the middle of the night. It is a day of such a holiday. These various SHOPs are also within the distance you can play with a bicycle from Brotures Harajuku. Please go on a holiday Oshi cycling. By the way, what I am more concerned about than my holidays is the adventure of Mt. Fuji, the manager of the store manager yesterday. I went to Mt. Fuji with a fixing gear, climbed Mt. About 300km, I did everything in about a day without sleeping. Let's have the five greats write in detail the blog of this trip. Then everyone is sorry. natsuka
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