DOSNOVENTA full lineup!

Handmade frame based in Barcelona, ​​Spain dosnoventa. At this store, the frame has been full, and the atmosphere inside the store has become brighter at once. In addition, this time, the new color is also included.
The only chromoly frame Barcelona and the full carbon frame "TOKYO" are also available!
Be aware of street racing and more comfortable city riding, more than a normal truck frame BB is set to a high position. Each frame has its own concept, making it easy for the rider to imagine it. Many people come to see the frame every day. It seems that there are quite a lot of people who are considering replacing them from Leader and are aiming for this frame from before. There are only designer brands, plenty of colors, and are hard to see from other manufacturers. The novel logo design is a finish with a strong impression but cool. Now we are assembling several display bikes with the only part of the staff. Please see it at the store and take it in your hand. You should be addicted to the charm of this brand. DOSNOVENTA Frame Set ¥ 150,000 ~
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