Bike app "Strava"

Do you use apps when you ride a bicycle? I record my mileage on my daily commuting. Pike apps that have exploded in New York and are increasingly used in Japan."Strava" The big difference from other apps is that you automatically manage the section of the course you passed. It displays the ranking and personal best of that section! Of course free.
You can also see the records of your friends and upload photos! Each section is determined by the feeling below, and when running, it is ranked without permission.
Photo 2
The ranking of the section you ran or the personal best is displayed. KOM is the fastest person! Occasionally this is not a bicycle.
Photo 3
If you run every day by commuting, etc., add a record and compare it with your past. It's more fun to compete with other riders. It may be interesting to download and use it with friends! By the way, this is a record of Mt. Fuji Ride the day before yesterday. The acquired altitude is too dangerous. How did you climb and go down? 。
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