Leader 735TR Custom Bike

LEADER BIKE's representative frame 735TR custom bike is assembled with a white frame! The parts are all black, and the carbon parts are one that is particular about lighter.
The HED3 baton wheel custom at the front is a real school that is actually used in track racing. The aero shape is extremely reduced in air resistance, the rotation of the hub is very high, and it also has the durability of the city riding.
The rear is the same HED JET9 as the front. A deep rim that is firmly assembled with a spoke on the load -applied rear The chain ring uses Sugino75 for the RIP crank I asked for the best quality in the city riding.
The handle uses Thomson Carbon Drop A form that looks light and looks cool and easy to grasp. Now 195g is surprising
735TR is a recommended frame for customers who buy a custom bike for the first time. The standards of each part are also easier to match with other companies. Leader 735TR Custom Bike ¥ 150,000 ~ If you make a loan to 12 times, monthly payments are as follows. There is no way to miss this time that is the most suitable for motorcycles!
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