Leader Bike for Girl ...

Today isLast Yokohama blogFollowing, Harajuku is also the appearance of Girl's Rider. And please look at this machine specifications ...! ! 725TR WHITE OUT with BLB NOTORIOUS carbon wheels before and after Coordination is coming out when I think about bicycles. At first I was nervous about the piste bike that I didn't get used to, but how to ride, row, and stop When delivery, the staff will teach you carefully, so by the time you returned, you were riding with confidence.
She usually sweats in the gym, and she seems to select her fixes because she is active, fun, and free. Glue pride was also motivated, so I'm looking forward to it! ! The image of a scary vehicle and a dangerous vehicle are ahead of the piste bike. Once you ride, you should be able to dispel that image. Above all, it is free and above all stress -free. And it doesn't cost money. It's still a piste bike with a strong negative image. The owner of the surf shop "Zephyer" that created the legendary skate team Z-BOYS also said. "In the past, skating was also called junk where thugs play, but now everyone longs for the 2 billion yen industry." It's kind of persuasive. I always wait at the store with the desire to get everyone on the fix, regardless of gender, and to understand the fun. And those who are already riding meet at Brotures Harajuku on the 14th! Group Ride will be held from 20:30. It will be an store entry, so please come by all means. Yusuke
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