2015 Leader Team Movie !!!!!

It's been a long time, mizu! ! I took a rest for three days and went to Okinawa. It was the first Okinawa, but it was not so warm in April. 。 。
The beauty of the sea was not odd. Next time I will go on a remote island! ! It is the main subject soon! ! Today, I will introduce the Leader Team Movie from my home country. This Movie is EMI Brown and Brain Safa! ! Everyone pays attention to the components! ! 2015 Leader Team ~ Emi Brown ~ [Vimeo] https://vimeo.com/124662726[/vimeo] 2015 Leader Team ~ BRIAN SAFA ~ [Vimeo] https://vimeo.com/124064145[/vimeo] Both are riding 735TR.
And the front and rear wheels of EmiBrown are SHRED88 It is currently out of stock, but it will arrive this month! ! Don't miss everyone
Brain Safa has T3 on the front and rear! ! This is only the front desk, but it is currently accepting reservations. Since it was arrived as soon as it arrived last time, if you want to get it surely, we are accepting reservations! ! And today we will introduce customs using 735TRs that both are riding! !
Leader Bike 735TR also has less stock depending on the size, so please be sure to come as soon as possible! ! Custom and worries customers will consult any trivial things, so please feel free to contact us. And finally tomorrow glue pride The schedule looks like this 2015/04/18 Saturday PM18: 30 Yoyogi Park front entrance set PM19: 00 Start ↓ BROTURES YOKOHAMA PM20: 30 arrivals Please join us! ! We'll be expecting you! ! Mizu
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