DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON CUSTOM ¥ 406,000 (TAX IN) DOSNOVENTA CREW coming to Japan soon I couldn't wait, and today I customized the popular No. 1 HOUSTON PINK.
BROTURES ORIGINAL "EL CLASSICO" 24mm WHEEL ¥ 13,000 El Classico, which is independently made by Brotures, is a popular thin rim that is popular now It is lighter than the ALLDAY 42mm rim, and the price of $ 27,000 is attractive even if it is aligned before and after. The original hub that uses a hollow shaft is also included in the shield bearing, so the rotation is also ◎.
DEDA VELOCITA Drop Bar ¥ 11,200 And Velocita was announced in the previous blog for the handle. What a last one ... lol After all, the weight is the weight, but I personally think about this shine and the comfort of grip I don't care about a little bit of weight! ! If you care, you will lose weight! ! smile The drop part is also a curved beauty that can not be easily put out with ordinary black. This is very erotic personally ... lol
And this item of CINELLI x MASH is the clamp of such a handle
CINELLI × MASH STEM ¥ 14,000 What a last one ... Cinelli x mash collaboration items that sell out immediately even if they arrive Like Thomson, etc., it is manufactured with beautiful CNC processing,Rising that symbolizes the cutting marks that remain on the surface and the top cap Mash The logo, the Cinelli logo engraved on the body, and the design and functionality are top -class quality.
SRAM OMNIUM CRANK ¥ 33,000 Rotor Track Chainring ¥ 18,000

And there is no compromise on the feet.

"SRAM OMNIUM" that attracts track bike rider around the world

The ROTOR chain ring is short after the arrival.

The mechanic Tom is actually using it now, but it feels very hard and the power is more directly transmitted.

Please enjoy the best quality in the industry.

It is very small left.

BROOKS SADDLE B15 Swallow Chrome Rail ¥ 24,600 BROOKS has a strong classical impression, but this Swallow is a pioneer of road race saddles made in 1937. The sharp silhouette and the boldly cut epidermis match modern roads and fixes and MTBs. Customize it to your own shape with the attached oil and realize a mentally -like saddle -like sitting comfort.
DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON We are waiting for each color for each size. If you want to be reflected in Dosnoventa Runs Movie, now! !
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