Leader 735TR WHT Custom Bike

Hello! The low pressure has gone and the weather has become the best! However, Typhoon No. 17 will be approaching around the end of the weekend, so shopping may be good today. We have made a white -collar custom bike that matches such the best weather! Leader 735TR WHT Custombike ¥ 320,000- (tax included)
Custom to run commuting more comfortably at a more comfortable speed! I have been using the SRAM OMUNIUM crank for about 2 years With outstanding rotation and ease of rowing, it is so good that you will not be able to change to other parts at all! I run about 10,000 km in a year, so I used about 20,000 km, but there is no problem. This is my favorite point.
The front fork is BLB03 CARBON WHEEL Just customizing here will make it look very cool.
Handle stem is the DEDA component Road bike type drop handles can change the handle smoothly It is useful for city riding. When you want to run at a speed, relaxing, etc. You can enjoy various styles.
Tioga Spyder Twin Tail is made of plastic I don't care much about the pain of the buttocks because it gets better according to the pedaling.
A white custom motorcycle that has begun to be popular recently. This bike is a price that comes with brakes and pedal straps in addition to the parts shown in the photo So you can embark as it is. It depends on the size, but it can be delivered in about 10 days now! You can also customize this body while changing the parts a little from here. Please feel free to contact us because you can consult by phone. Leader 735TR WHT Custombike ¥ 320,000- (tax included)
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