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Hello! How do you spend GW? At the end of May, I think that it is so hot. It's so hilarious that you can't go to the ocean anymore. Today, we introduce your dosnoventa! Today, we have a custom built on the Pearl White frame for the first time.
Img 2710
Dosnovita deverit 2.0 Pearl White custom! A nostalgic wheel is used for me. Laugh Let's watch soon!
Img 2712
Front wheel This front wheel I used previously. It is not only looks but carbon handle is beautiful wheel.
Img 2722
Img 2723

Weighs 665 grams. Ceramic bearing with standard equipment.

The "2D" in the name of the wheel is the structure that the part of the spoke is finished like a rain grain, and the crystal of corima.

The name "HM" is "high modulus" or "high elasticity carbon".

It is made of carbon material made from high carbon fiber, which is hard to deform.

Img 2713
Rear wheel Track the world's best H3 truck! H3 is a black Decal specification. If you run fast at front and rear, you can set up a great setup to provide great performance!
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Img 2715
Img 2716
Handle 3T Deda zero 100 Vista Handle the egonova team from 3T. Weight is 192 g and super light weight. The reach is 89 mm and it is compact design, so it is fit to a small Japanese hand. Carbon absorbs shock from the road surface because it is long absorbing. Once you experience it, you can't use carbon handle surprises.
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Img 2718
Img 2719
Saddle, seat post Sarah Italia SLR monolink flow Combo I introduce this monolink saddle for the first time. To make the rail from the general type (two) to one, it is easy to adjust the weight of the saddle and the seat post in addition to the rigidity up. And it is an ideal saddle that reduces the rubbing in pedaling and improves the efficiency by making the rail one piece more and saddle tip parts more finely!
Img 2720
Img 2721
Crank arm sugino75 crank arm Chain ring Sugino Zen chainring Crank pin Sugino duralumin Crank 75 + Zen! 75 gigs of dares are good though it is not 75dd which is popular recently. And, I use the blue color of Sugino, which does not rust, and does not rust. Finally look at the details of the frame!
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Img 2726
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Pearl is beautiful frame! I also wanted to paint and white pearl. The customer in this time was in the far direction, and it corresponded by mail, and this custom was assembled.

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