Leader Bikes Renovatio Critom Vol.2

Good evening! Yesterday at night at the hormone Kitano!
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Here is the only lever where you can eat the lever who can not eat. Come by all means because it's really delicious! It is about a 3 -minute walk from Brotures Yokohama, so please go to rice with your face! By the way, today we introduce Renovatio's Crit Custom Vol2!
Leader Bikes Renovatio CRIR CUSTOM Vol.2 ¥ 306,384 (+tax) How about? I finished it with a lace specification while sticking to each component. The recognition of the Leader Bikes USA team used in Red Hook Crit is also increasing, and it is becoming quite popular! !
Handle 3t Ergonova Pro ¥ 14,000 (+Tax) Stem 3T ARX 2 Pro ¥ 14,000 (+Tax) Around the handle3T components introduced on the blog earlierUnified!

What is 3t [Pro Series]?

Pro achieves affordable prices with top -class functions.

In order to reduce production costs, PRO components include standard materials such as AL7075 and AL6061 alloys.

However, as with all 3T products, the legitimate design and quality are guaranteed.

In short, it is a lineup that is reasonable but serious.

Just perfect for this custom!

Saddle FIZIK ARIONE STD KIUM ¥ 15,250 (+Tax) Seat post 3T Ionic 0 Pro ¥ 8,000 (+Tax) Set up Fizik X 3T around the buttocks! It has become a combination that has not been so far before! The logo from behind is also noticeable and creates a good atmosphere.
Crank SG 75DD ¥ 52,000 ~ ¥ 55,000 (+tax) Cog EURO-ASIA SUPER STAR ¥ 10,000 (+tax) Chain HKK Vertex Silver ¥ 4,300 (+Tax) The heart of the heart is Gatch Rika Stam! Sugino's popular No.1 crank, 75 Direct Drive! CogSuperstar introduced on yesterday's blogof.
Front and rear wheel MICHE PISTAD WHEEL SET ¥ 39,100 (+Tax) Front tire MICHELIN PRO 4 SC ¥ 7,200 (+Tax) The wheel is a standard wheel for MIHCE trucks. I chose the Italian manufacturer MICHE, which keeps making good quality parts. The graphics designed in the rim are also stylish looks like MICHE! If you put the body this time with a loan, it looks like this.
Screenshot 2015-05-15 20.25.13
It will be changed to ¥ 15,000 per month with 24 payments. Speaking of the frame used by professional riders, it is a bargain. We also accept custom consultations, so please contact us. Adatch yokohama@brotures.com
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