How to Choose Frame Size & How to Build Up!

Hello! By the way, today is a "How to" blog, such as how to select the size of the car body, how to assemble when purchasing the car body by mail order, how to put air, and replace the carbon wheel extender, carbon shoe! I wrote this blog in May 2015, and I have already felt a terrible age of four years ago. Currently it is convenient and started YouTube.(now) I think the video is easier to understand, so please check it out.
First of all, how to choose the size! The most major model with a lot of size in the Leader Bikes lineup. (It will be explained in the 2015 model. In the case of the latest model, the geometry may be different, so please contact us for details.) Leader Bikes 725TR COMPLETE BIKE Explain in!
With the current model, the seat clamp part is two points, and it is 3cm extended 3cm than the conventional model. In the mail order, it is posted on the mail order with a minus 3cm notation. (It will be explained in the 2015 model. In the case of the latest model, the geometry may be different, so please contact us for details.) XXS size (46cm) height 150cm to around 160cm XS size (48.5cm) Height 155cm to around 165cm S size (51cm) Height 160cm to around 170cm M size (53cm) height 170cm to around 180cm L size (55cm) Height 180cm to around 190cm XL size (58cm) 185cm to around 195cm This is roughly! Speaking of myself, my height is 163cm, but I am riding S size. Leader Bikes is an American manufacturer, so it is designed for foreigners with long limbs, so if you are an Asian with short limbs, you can choose with an image of one size drop from the size of your clothes. More! Depending on the body, it will be slightly different, so please contact us for detailed size of the frame you want to ride! And when you purchase the car body by mail order, it is packed like this.
The removed part ・ Front wheel ·handle ·pedal ・ Saddle (for each seat post) About! How to assemble it is very easy. BROTURES Beginner Tool Set There is no problem if there is a spanner and hexagonal wrench attached to this set! (The above set will be sold separately)
The red spanner can be attached to the wheels, the pedals can be attached and detached, the Rocka wrench set can fix the handle and fix the saddle!
The front wheel is fixed with a 15mm spanner like this. Please be careful not to overtighten. It's okay to put a little weight and tighten it if you turn it lightly.
Fix the handle like this! I think most of the stem with 4 points is, but when tightening, not the top two, the last two. ①④ ③② Please tighten in a well -balanced manner in the order of!
There are 2 points and one stop of the seat clamps. If the two photos are stopped, tighten the top and tighten in a well -balanced vertical balance instead of tightening the bottom!
The pedal is installed in this way.
And the pedals are different left and right, so be careful! L or R is written on the part that is fixed as shown in the photo, or it is written on the pedal body! The strap is installed from the bottom as shown in the picture
Finally, fix it firmly from above. I often ask questions, "How to put French valve air" First, remove the cap.
Then, turn the upper core around the left and loosen it.
Then the core and the upper part float like this, so if this is the case, the air will enter!
Press it with your finger to make sure that the air will come off and then add the air!
There are various types of air inserts, but please put the air after the French valve can be inserted properly. If you have this air, it is a type that can be put in both French and American, but it will be a type that can be switched with yellow. Firmly defeat those with a French valve mark before putting air.
Push the pump and put the air by inserting it and raising the knob.
Check the meter when entering air! How much should I put in? There are many questions, but the minimum is this, and the highest pressure is described on the tires.
With this tire, it can be put up to 6Bar (87psi) in mini (minimum) and 8bar (116psi)! If possible, put it up to about MAX and reduce the possibility of puncture. Just don't put MAX in midsummer! In midsummer, the temperature of the concrete on the ground increases, and the air expands, causing punk. From around July and August, please drop a little more than MAX and add air! Finally, the explanation of the replacement of the "carbon rim brake shoe" and the way of installing "Valve Extender for Deep Rim" is over!
First, remove the brake shoe.
Please be careful because there are right and left! Then you can see that there is a part that can be removed with a small hexagon wrench on the right?
It will be a part surrounded by green round! If you remove it, slide the shoe and remove it once!
There is a groove like this, and I will attach the carbon rim I want to attach there.
Same as removal when installing. Don't forget to have left and right!
And the valve extender loosens the upper core part, explained in a state where the air is inserted. Let's fit in firmly. The rest is the same as the usual tires and tubes! It has become a little longer, but how was it? If you have any questions about assembling, please feel free to contact us! Adatch
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