Brotures Original Leather Strap Restock N...

Good evening, mizu! ! There are a lot of visitors today with good weather, and I'm glad if you can come to the store while fluttering. Yesterday, MAGHTY CROWN's Masta Simon came to the store. I had you get rid of it in commemoration. Thank you! !
By the way, today, I will introduce Brotures Original Leather Strap. It is a popular product that will soon disappear if it arrives every time! !
Brotures Original Leather Strap Black ¥ 6,500-
Brotures Original Leather Strap CAMO ¥ 7,500- This is a genuine leather pedal strap that is hand -made by a skilled leather craftsman (craftman) acknowledged by BROTURES. We boldly use domestic cowhide, which was carefully selected by craftsmen who knew leather. These are 3mm thick leather, which is often used for leather items that require strength, such as carving that carvings on strings and leather.

It is said that the strength obtained by sticking to the stitching, how to tighten the thread, and the thickness of the thickness is comparable to synthetic leather or nylon.

It's hard to think that the seams are beautiful.

The Brotures logo is finished with a branding, not a stamp. By doing so, it will not disappear unless you cut it.
The same magic tape as the normal original trap is adopted, so it is easy to adjust and attach and detach. The more you use it, the more you will be familiar with your feet, and you can enjoy the unique aging unique to the real Nume leather.
The great thing is that it was not possible with mass -produced industrial products, it is possible to repair! (Since it is outsourced work, you will receive time and separate costs) If you want to make a difference from everyone, this strap is decided! ! If you are interested, please have a small amount this time as soon as possible! ! I'm looking forward to seeing you again here. Mizu
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