Leader Bike 735TR X T3 Custom!

Hello. This is JUNKI. Today, since this is a glue pride, I will come to Yokohama. Today, we will introduce the original BROTURES original baton wheel "T3".Leader Bike 735TRis!
Isn't this exactly the style of the royal road?
Baton wheels were fully sent by Brotures on the front wheel BROTURES T3 ¥ 90,000- The three batons on the front will be the longing for everyone. T3 with excellent cost performance is a wheel for such middle users. Although it has just arrived, we have already received many inquiries. If you are happy, please be as soon as possible!
A deep rim that no longer needs to be explained on the rear wheel BROTURES SHRED ¥ 58,000- Not only the impact of the appearance, but also the driving performance ◎ Although it is currently out of stock, there is a plan to restock it soon. The last time was sold out in a few days, so it is a popular wheel that requires reservations!
I tried an aggressive track style around the handle. Fizik Cyrano R1 STEM ¥ 11,920- DEDA PISTA DROPBAR \ 8,600- Cyrano 20 ° to support the track drop on the iron plate. It is a combination that looks and positions.
Saddle FIZIK ANTARES R3 ¥ 24,550- Seat post THOMSON Elite Setback ¥ 8,400-
Sugino is a new standard crank set around the feet SUGINO SG75 DD ¥ 54,000- The hottest crank set at BROTURES now. From SRAM OMNIUM to 75DD. The times are changing.
Finally, this is a custom that cannot be removed. Full carbon fork "i806tr"! Compared to the genuine i805TR, the weight of the fork alone is about half! There is no way not to customize here for lighter! We are also doing a great custom campaign now, so please come!
How about it! I'm a good goodbye today because it's an ass cut with the ride after this! Then I will go! Junki
73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama MAP
12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)