MKS Supreme Pedal in Stock !!!!!

It's mizu! ! Yesterday, there was Green Room in Sakuragicho, and it seemed to be a lot of excitement. I'm enviable (laughs) Well, I would be happy if I could participate in Samasoni! ! The schedule has finally been announced.
Yes! ! I decide on the second day! ! Raw Pharrell Williams Fun (laughs) By the way, today we will introduce the finest pedal (Supreme) from MKS! !
MKS Supreme Pedal ¥ 15,500 Just saying NJS -certified products, you'll be very relieved! ! The weight is 294g and the rotation is unnecessary. If you turn too much, it turns flexibly! !
That should be itAdopts a shield bearing mechanism similar to Custom Nuevo and RX-1 The custom of the pedal tends to be postponed, but the fashion is from your feet! ! Please take this opportunity! ! Also meet the pedal introduction and enjoy this part! !
MKS FIT α Sports W-Buckles ¥ 9,800 It is a njs certified product of suede material. After all this strap is for the MKS pedal! ! Because it is double, it holds your feet firmly.
SOMA Clip OPPYX4 Black ¥ 3,800 And the clip is SOMA's double toe clip I also use this clip and strap, but I'm pretty good! ! The compatibility with the chromoly frame is outstanding! ! If you are getting warm and want to customize somewhere, it's a pedal! ! If you actually touch it at the store, you will definitely want it. If you are interested, please visit the store! ! If it is empty, it can be replaced in about 30 minutes, so please come. I'm looking forward to seeing you again here. Mizu
73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama MAP
12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)