Today I have assembled such a terrible custom body. Personally, I was conscious of how fast I could run on the street, not Crit. DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON FASTER CUSTOM ¥ 576,606
I personally focused on parts. I would like to explain each component. First of all, I want to go from the wheels that have the best impact of the body. By using SHRED88 and T3, the overall balance looks good. Front Brotures Shred88 ¥ 55,000+Tax Rear Broturs T3 ¥ 95,000+Tax
Next, I would like to introduce the handle area. I used 3T around the handle. I personally use the 3T Ergonova LTD carbon, This time, I used the aluminum handle. Despite the use of aluminum, the weight is 260g and is lightweight in the aluminum road handle. The shape has a compact shape in both drop and reach, making it easy to use. 3T Ergonova Pro ¥ 14,000+Tax
The stem also used 3T. The weight of the fork clamp was reduced by making a bolt. The weight is 135g and a relatively light stem. The angle is ± 17 °, which is about the same angle as DEDA Pista and Fizik's Cyrano R1, which is recommended for those who want to make it parallel to the frame. 3T ARXLL PRO ¥ 9,000+Tax
Here is the next one. You shouldn't see much carbon cranks for trucks. This crank weight from the FSA is also light, the riding comfort is soft and the impact from the ground is alleviated. It should be called the highest crank. 。 FSA Carbon Track Crank ¥ 45,000+Tax
Finally, many people are worried about explaining. The buttocks hurt, the legs rubbed with the saddle when pedaling. A place where various troubles come out.

SMP classic best -selling model. The pads are excluded and the weight is 200g, which contributes to lighter weight.

Following the conventional size, we focused on ease of use.

A competition model that uses a carbon concrete base that makes use of moderate nations.

Effectively suppress compression during long -distance driving.

Sella SMP Composit ¥ 20,900+Tax
Finally, it looks like this with a loan. If you divide it, you can make the body that is full of full custom at this price.
Screenshot 2015-05-26 13.39.55
Screenshot 2015-05-26 13.39.29
Screenshot 2015-05-26 13.40.14
Would you like to commute or go to school with such a body? Or I think cycling such as weekends will be fun. Nori
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