Broyoko Happy Hour !!

Hello. This is JUNKI. It ’s just. It seems to be about 30 degrees today, so it's so cheerful that it's early summer or it's already over. I won't wait for summer. Please ask. My summer theme song [YouTube][/youtube] Lyrics composition, Keisuke Kuwata. It was "Give up the summer" at Ken Naoko. Is it dark? 。 smile Today's main subject, which is about the summer, introduced by the darkness. Do you think that you should work quickly and drink beer on such a hot day? Even in BROTURES, who likes alcohol, I am always thinking about such a thing as a beer mad who competes for 1,2. I wonder if I can't drink beer with the company official! smile So I prepared such a project. Entitled

"Broyoko Happy Hour !!"

Starting beer for a limited time from today! ! ! Time is from the evening, from the magic hour, where the shadow is no longer possible, to the loss time after closing. I have already purchased beer! In my pocket manny. 。 However, it is boring with a general beer! That's why the second, the second, NORI, has been procured.
"Lagunitas iPa" It is an American craft beer, Lagunitas iPa. It's popular recently. It is my favorite. When I went to Kamakura, I drank it and it was delicious, so I decided to make this one!
The dog's logo is also cute.
a. By the way, this project is not free because I cut my money. 。 I'm sorry. 。 。 Because it is alcohol, I can not sell it in a large way, but please associate! ! Once you've accumulated to some extent, let's go to the next brand! smile It is a plan that is covered with private interests, but on such a sunny day, please go on a bench from Nikko.
There are some magazines. Come to the store to kill time is also welcome!
Why don't you spend a relaxing time in a free atmosphere unique to BROTURES YOKOHAMA? I'm waiting for you. see you. Junki
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