DEDA "DABAR" in Stock!

Hello! It's summer. It's definitely summer. Where did you go in spring? I remembered in the summer, but I'm planning to go to the sea this year. Don't make a mistake even if it's too black. By the way, today's most popular DABAR is available!
DEDA DABAR ¥ 25,300 (+tax) It is a bullhorn DABAR with amazing straight naming for DEDA. DA BAR. It's just as it is. The weight is 174g, which is super lightweight.
The material is made of UD carbon fiber similar to Brotures SHRED 88. As a lineup of DEDA ELEMENTI, it is used as a base for rattling TT handles such as triathlon and time trial.
Let's fast! Those who think that is not the only one. If you actually have it, you will know why it is so popular. The balance between lightness, shape, thickness, and kindness is perfect. And since it is often used for TT, there is also a hole to pass the brake wire.
What can I do with this hole?
It is really refreshing when you wear a TT brake like this! In the image, the brake wire is not available, but it can be stored in the handle.
It is a specification that can be passed by the end of the bullhorn near the stem. And if you use a good TT handle, use TT for the brake lever! Today we will introduce two types of lever. SRAM 900 Aero BRAKE LEVER ¥ 16,000 (+Tax)
The weight is 90g and a lightweight brake lever. Finishing a slender body reduces air resistance to the extreme. High -performance Suguremono with a comfortable grip! And the other is Campagnolo Carbon TT LEVER ¥ 20,000 (+Tax)
By the way, this brake lever. It is a carbon lever, but it is a little heavier than the SRAM introduced earlier as 155g in the pair. I feel heavy, but there is a great place. Look at this image!
This is the lever on the right, do you know? There will be a firm swelling so that it fits your hand, and there will be no lever that can be easily grasped with a TT brake.
Campagnolo that has been built up to such a place! By the way, if you compare the lever introduced this time, it looks like this!
The same carbon TT lever is so different. I think there is a part that can be convinced if you can actually bring it in your hand at Brotures Yokohama! We are at the store! Adatch
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