How to Order Custom Bike !!!!!!

It's mizu! ! Yesterday, I went to the Harajuku store Tom's farewell party. I never actually worked with Tom, but I was a cute guy in myself (laughs)
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Yesterday, everyone enjoyed everyone to the end in many ways (laughs) From now on, the field is different, but I want you to do your best! ! Tom, Mr. Tom! ! Well, I want to enter the main subject. Have you ever seen the BROTURES homepage? ?
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If you press the red button above and go, the custom vehicle will come out. However, there are not many vehicles that fit into your image! ! For such a case, I made a custom order form at BROTURES YOKOHAMA! ! First of all, please fill out the order form as much as you can, and email the following address! ! When the email arrives, Adatch and Mizu will reply! ! 【yokohama@brotures.comCustom bike inquiry form template —————————————————— 【flame】 [Stem] 【handle】 [F wheel] [R wheel] 【crank】 【saddle】 [Seat post] 【others】 ・ Points that customers want to be particular about ・ Your budget ・ Image of the body ・ Use of fixes (distance, commuting or commuting to school etc.) ・ Delivery date of hope 【name】 【Address】 【Contact information】 —————————————————— how is it? ? I think it's very easy to understand! ! Also, if the store is actually in stock, we will actually send a photo. The temporary group will do it for free up to once! ! Since the number of orders by email has increased, I made it a little. Please feel free to use it! ! Always assemble the body that suits the image! ! Mizu
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