SHRED88 Soon in Stock !!!

I bought Shingen Mochi with Yamanashi's glue pride during this time, but my favorite thing about local items is Shingen rice cake or Akafuku. smile I want either of them if they are told either. 。 。 Nori! As the title suggests, SHRED88 is about to arrive! This wheel is simple and cost -effective every time. There should be no carbon wheel to the right at this price. The specifications have changed from the last time. The spokes are made of blade spokes and is made with air resistance into consideration.
In addition, the nipple adopted aluminum nipple and succeeded in reducing weight. Until the last time, it was a silver nipple, but this time it became black. I also had a logo on the hub.

BROTURES's original carbon pourim made with the finest material in all, lightness, air resistance, vibration declining, rigidity.

It is generally said that the lightness is one -quarter and the strength of the key is about 10 times the strength compared to iron.

Furthermore, as the rim is high, the spokes are shorter, greatly reducing the spoke turbulence generated during rotation.

Of course, in addition to the above functionality, it is simply cool and powerful and powerful.

BROTURES SHRED 88 Front ¥ 5.5000+Tax Rear ¥ 59,000+Tax


I think the image is difficult with the wheel alone.

So put the custom car body.


I personally like the front SHRED88 at the rear T3.

If you are aiming as soon as you are complete every time, please be as soon as possible.

If you want it, we also make a reservation, so don't worry.

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