Hello. This is JUNKI. As introduced in yesterday's blog, GREDDY hubs are available!
I tried to introduce such a wheel today, so I would like to introduce it! The hub I chose is the blue of GREDDY LIGHT!
GREDDY LIGHT BL Rear ¥ 18,000- This blue is one of the surprisingly surprising people in Teppan's GREDDY LIGHT series! It is in stock secretly! Light hub is the lightest series in GREDDY. It features a simple design that is minimized. It will be addicted to any frame and custom! And it's cheap! Of course, light rotation is unique to GREDDY. Actually, it is a hub that I personally plan to buy. I want a bonus soon. 。 I chose H PLUS SON SL-42 for my partner's rim!
H Plus Son SL-42 ¥ 9,500- Synonymous rim of H Plus Son. Rim height 42mm. Single wall 620g. Highly accurate construction. When assembled, a wheel that is hard to swing with high rigidity is completed. It is very recommended for mental hygiene for those who skid! smile When was the hegemony from Velocity Deep-V, the original diprim in street pistol culture? Aluminum deep = SL42. I feel that this scheme will not collapse anymore. Click here for the wheel that I assembled with a feeling
It's pretty fashionable! smile Carbon is good, but sometimes it's good. I like one of my favorite! The price of the wheel is ¥ 33,500-! Recently my senses have become paralyzed. Is it only me who feels much cheaper? smile Actually, from our mail order site, in addition to this combinationYou can buy your favorite color and purchase it. By the way, you can use a loan. If you try to pay in six months. 。
Screenshot 2015-05-31 19.00.17
It's a little 6000 yen a month. In this case, I can use GREDDY without breaking my savings. The 528 yen commission is the power of BROTURES, which is 5%per year. Please consider it once before splitting with a card poorly! Other rims and hubs are in stock in a carefully selected lineup, so please feel free to contact us! Hona again. Junki
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