Sugino 75DD Direct Drive in Da Yokohama S...

I had a holiday on Saturdays and Sundays last week, but I went to live after a long time! I went to the live of an artist who wanted to go for a long time. The band is a band called Nickelback, many people know. It was good to do a lot of famous songs, but I was doing cover songs from a band. That band is a band that comes to Fuji Rock. that's right. Foo Fighters! It was ridiculous for me who liked Foo Fighters! That is Saturday. Get a temporary license for the long -awaited car on Sunday, After that, I went to the live performance of AKLO, a BROTURES rider! (Don't touch on your license. Lol) The members were also luxurious and had a satisfying holiday! Some people may not know, so I'll put a recommended video! [YouTube][/youtube] [YouTube][/youtube] The story has become so long. excuse me! As the title suggests, Sugino 75 Direct Drive is now available. A crank released by Sugino with fullness. It is a crank that uses the goodness of SUGINO75 and uses good places of Omnium and Rotor. It is a light specification in the direct crank. The number of people who use it gradually is increasing! I also want to use this crank. You can also choose a chain ring, so you don't have a ZEN. Isn't it okay to try a different number of teeth? SUGINO SG75DD ¥ 5.2000 ~ ¥ 53,000+Tax
Silver is also available in the lineup!
Personally, the chain ring is ZEN and the 5 -pin is SUGINO Aluminum Trics, so I think the price is cheap! moreoverCeramic BB ¥ 13,000 (+tax)It is a recommended point.
For example, in SRAM OMNIUM ¥ 37,000 (+tax) I am not convinced of the standard chain ring, so I attached ZEN If you install a ceramic Black Box prepared by the same manufacturer, it will be quite a price! If this SG 75DD, I think that the undercarriage that can not complain at ¥ 52,000 + ¥ 13,000! We sell online and at stores! If you buy the cheapest ¥ 52,000+tax with a loan in a year, it looks like this!
Screenshot 2015-05-26 13.39.29
If you have a one -year loan, you can buy it at this price. If you save something monthly, you can buy it. Please consider it! Nori
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