Leader Bikes 725TR RESTOCKK SOON!

Hello! It's an irresistible person who wants to do BBQ soon, because the weather is getting summery day by day.
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Speaking of which, yesterday night, I went to Social Club Tokyo to celebrate my friend's birthday. I wasn't there until morning, but I drank too much. 。 By the way, today we are notified of 725 restock! The Leader Bikes 725TR arrives.
LEADER BIKES 725TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 140,000 (+Tax) It is a frame that can be said to be synonymous with Leader Bikes. I am still riding this frame. The color variations are gross white, gloss red, sea form green in the matte black above.
725White -_1_
You can choose your favorite color. And we are preparing such customs from the beginning! !
Leader Bikes 725TR T3 Custom Bike ¥ 216,004 (+Tax) By the way, even with the finished car, the wheels etc. can be discounted slightly from the beginning. If you install the baton wheel from the beginning, buy it! ! In particular, the 725 is the most popular, and it will be broken with amazing momentum. If you are aiming for it, be as soon as possible! ! Please see the quote when 725TR's COMPLETE BIKE is loan!
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Is it about ¥ 13,000 a month? About 430 yen a day for 30 days a month. Don't you think that if you put up with a cigarette or the juice you drink while looking at this, you can reach it? Loans can be used both in stores and mail order. I don't know the size! SuchThis blogPlease feel free to see or contact us! We'll be expecting you. Adatch yokohama@brotures.com
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