Leader Bikes 735TR T3 Custom!

Hello! Today is a weekday, but there is a single live of my favorite artist, and I work firmly while I want to go and be impressed. smile He is a ZEDD artist, but he is a 25 -year -old, one of Russian and raised in Germany. [YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtfa0ba6u0ekeref=https3a %2f %2f %2f %2ftube.com2fv %3fv %3dgtfa6u0e &Has_verif IED = 1[/youtube] About four years ago, I heard this song on Skrillex or something, searched with blood, and got hooked from that time. When I came to Japan about 3 years ago, I was live in a box of about 300 people, but now I am alone at Shinkiba Studio Coast. I regret that I was in Shibuya last night, or I wish I could. It seems that Mizu -san wrote SUMMER SONIC, so I'm planning to go secretly. The story shifted, but today we are introducing a custom of Leader 735TR!
What do you think? It will be the body with BROTURES T3 installed before and after! Click here for the base body LEADER BIKES 735TR CUSTOM COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 170,000 (+tax) It will be a body that selected the component with Brotures.
Front wheel BROTURES T3 Front ¥ 90,000 (+Tax) At the front is a three -type baton wheel of BROTURES! Now that BLB is expected to be available, only the original three batons of BROTURES! The rim height is high and the speed comes out, considering the air resistance, the growth is amazing!
Rear Wheel BROTURES T3 Rear ¥ 95,000 (+Tax) And T3 wheels on the rear! The three types of wheels have different impacts before and after. And the looks of the baton wheels are good, but the wind sounds are amazing. It sounds different from the spoke type wheel. At the Yokohama store, the mechanic Nori -kun, and my Adatches also use baton wheels on the front. If there is a timing, I hope that you can test drive your body and experience the baton wheel. It is currently on display at the store, so please take a look! Adatch
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