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Hello! I think the weather is almost unstable recently and the rainy season is almost near. I hope that it will pass early because it is a time when I can not ride a skateboard, bicycle, or motorcycle. Nori. As the title suggests, SHRED will be available! I think some people are waiting. I'm very sorry for those who are waiting! This wheel has become a standard. This time it will be the same specifications as last time, I would like to explain for those who do not know.


Front ¥ 55,000+tax

Rear ¥ 57,000+tax

The spoke was used to adopt blade spokes and minimize air resistance.
In addition, the nipple adopted a long aluminum nipple, and succeeded in reducing weight and increasing rigidity. Until the last time, it was a silver nipple, but it became black from the last time. I also got a Brotures logo on the hub.

BROTURES's original carbon pourim made with the finest material in all, lightness, air resistance, vibration declining, rigidity.

It is generally said that the lightness is one -quarter and the strength of the key is about 10 times the strength compared to iron.

Furthermore, as the rim is high, the spokes are shorter, greatly reducing the spoke turbulence generated during rotation.

Of course, in addition to the above functionality, it is simply cool and powerful and powerful.

Of course you can also get a loan.

If you buy a loan in one year before and after, it will be this much.

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If you are interested, please contact us!


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