Leader Bikes Cure Shred Custom !!!!

Hello, this is mizu! ! Recently, I don't feel like Agari because the weather is not surprising (laughs) Last week's holiday was unusually raining and I was withdrawn for a day! ! After a long time, I rented a Japanese DVD and watched it. This is what I borrowed this time
The content was so good, but it was an easy -to -watch movie! ! Sometimes it's good at home. By the way, I would like to introduce the new LEADER entry model "CURE", which has been on sale from this term today.
Leader Bikes Cure Shred Custom \ 168,804 Cure is very popular KageroThe next -generation frame that inherits the geometry (downward). The top tube is curved to reduce air resistance, and the adoption of Kagero's geometry is designed to be reliable. The down tube is a down tube of the same thickness as 721 and 725, which is thicker than Cretin, creating a presence and luxury. This "CURE" is custom with a light feeling.
BROTURES SHRED88 WHEEL ¥ 55,000 First, install the popular wheel SHRED at the front desk After all, if you customize the wheel, the atmosphere of the entire vehicle will change dramatically! ! In addition to looks, the running changes. By increasing the rim height and shortening the spoke, it reduces the air resistance that occurs when driving. If you want to customize both running and appearance, it will be decided by SHRED! !
DEDA PISTA DROPBAR ¥ 8,600 This handle is also used for the finished car of Leader Bikes 725TR for the handle Although it is a classic, I think that the track handle is the one that suits Leader Bikes! ! This is a fixie! ! I also use Leader riders EMI Brown.
Drops have a variety of positions, so you can change your posture, so they are suitable for long distances! ! "CURE" has a riser bar in the standard, but it can be dropped! ! Please refer to those who are considering purchasing! ! This time, I finished it in a custom that is easy to buy like this. BROTURES YOKOHAMA will take a custom consultation by e -mail and telephone, so please feel free to feel free to use it! ! Speaking of "CURE", SAX BLUE was sold out as soon as it arrived, but it will be restocked this month! !
This time, it is not so large for each size, so if you want to get it surely, we recommend that you make a reservation! ! If the arrival of this time is gone, the next arrival will be undecided! ! Please feel free to contact us as we are accepting reservations. Don't miss this opportunity! ! Mizu
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