Leader Bikes 735TR Custom !!!!!!

Hello everyone, mizu! ! It feels like it's going to be in the rainy season, and it's kind of jealous. 。 。 I heard that there is an interesting DVD for a younger brother I met at BROTURES on Wednesday and watched it! ! That's here
It's about a boy's school, but it was a really good movie! ! It's not so major, but it's better to watch this. I'm addicted to watching DVDs recently! ! Please let me know if you have an interesting movie. By the way, today I used Leader Bikes 735TR after a long time. Let's look at it immediately.
Leader Bikes 735TR Custom ¥ 431,961 While putting seasonal items that have just arrived, I finished it to my favorite style! ! Let's take a look at the details because they are assembled firmly.
BROTURES T4 ¥ 95,000 BROTURES Original Baton Wheel which was on sale from this term This price is very advantageous with baton wheels! ! It looks cool as you can see, but the performance is as good as looks. Anyway, lightweight and excellent durability! ! In addition, a versatile wheel that also has the peculiar shock absorption of carbon Four batons are unusual, so if you want to make a difference with people, this will be decided! !
BROTURES SHRED38 CARBON WHEEL ¥ 54,000 I just used this wheel that has just arrived. It's not a new favorite Meha (laughs) As I said on blog the other day, the balance with T4 is outstanding! ! Also, I like the coolness that I do not claim too much! ! It is a wheel that tells you better if you actually pick it up. We are waiting for you at the store.
SUGINO SG75 DD ¥ 53,000 It will be a crank that does not require explanation at the Yokohama store anymore! ! I don't know how many sold since it was released. As expected, it is a finish that said Sugino !! If you customize it with CHRIS KING's BB introduced the other day, the running will change further! ! There is always a lot of Black, but this time I chose Silver and gave a luxury.
Thomson Downhill Riser Bar ¥ 14,700 Thomson Elite X4 STEM ¥ 8,400 After all, I put out my favorite style on the handle! ! Originally a handle for Downhill, there is no doubt that it will play an active part on the street with exquisite rise and back sweep! ! It is recommended to cut it to your favorite length and enjoy custom with grip In addition, install X4 with rugged looks on the stem It's definitely a combination! !
Fizik ARIONE VERSUS KIUM ¥ 15,250 Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 8,400 Choose a stable FIZIK for the saddle Install a type with a lot of pads, especially in such FIZIK. This lacy paddy looks good though the amount of pads is large! ! The seat post also chooses Thomson Elite Silver to give a sense of unity. This time, I finished it like this. It is important to pursue running, but looks are also important for the fixes! ! This time, I feel that a well -balanced body has been assembled! ! I feel a bit too much, but please forgive me (laughs) If it's cool, but it's too expensive, we recommend a Cedina loan! ! When I put it together this time, it looks like this
Screenshot 2015-06-12 17.47.58
It will be so easy to buy! ! Please use it by all means. Finally again
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