Leader Bikes 735TR Street Custom!

Good evening! Speaking of which, I bought a nike ID.
Screenshot 2015-06-16 18.10.08
It is JANOSKI AIR MAX but it is very comfortable. It was said that it would take about a month, but NIKE arrived in about two weeks is amazing. By the way, today we introduce 735 custom!
Jan! How is it? The custom part, the component is like this! handle:DEDA DABAR Stem:Fizik Cyrano R1 STEM F Wheel:BROTURES SHRED 88 R wheel:BROTURES T3 Seat post:Thomson Elite Setback saddle:Fizik Volta R1
handle:DEDA DABAR Stem:Fizik Cyrano R1 STEM I combined it with DEDA X FIZIK, a component maker, which is worldwide in both the handle and stem! This set is not very combined, but it's surprisingly nice!
F Wheel:BROTURES SHRED 88 And SHRED 88 with a comeback on the front! The staff are too popular and all staff are impatient. It seems to be really gone anymore. 。 。
R wheel:BROTURES T3 And for the rear, the first arrival T3! If you put a baton in the rear, it's cool when you skid! It's not just a baton on the front! This is also disappearing at a pretty good pace. 。 If you wish, be as soon as possible! !
Seat post:Thomson Elite Setback saddle:Fizik Volta R1 And around the buttocks is the strongest combination of Thomson X Fizik. The saddle is a VOLTA R1, which is used by Osaka store manager and Qbe! This looks weighs 165g.
And the car body introduced today. If you use a loan and split it 24 times, it looks like this!
Screenshot 2015-06-16 18.35.54
It is 17,300 a month! One day conversion ¥ 576 Let's stop cigarettes now! ! ! I can't say that I'm a smoker Don't you feel surprisingly? We look forward to your inquiry! Adatch yokohama@brotures.com
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