Leader Bikes Cure COMING SOON !!

Hello! It's the rainy season. It's rain. It is Adatch. smile I am seriously sleeping and spending a day when my head does not turn at all. 。 。 I believe that it will be healed tomorrow, and I want to do it early today. By the way, we will introduce CURE that will arrive next month today!
This guy will arrive this time Leader Bikes Cure COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 100,000 (+Tax) Production is completed around the end of this month, and it will arrive in Japan early next month. In fact, Black and White are somewhat in stock. 。 The front color SAX BLUE was so popular that it was sold out in an instant. BROTURES YOKOHAMA alone has been making a reservation little by little, so don't miss this opportunity! It is an entry model of Leader Bikes in the price range that is easy to get out of Kagero's geometry!
It is a body that shines even if you customize it, and it is the color feeling of this SAX BLUE! And from today, this has also been sold at the store! !
FYXATION PIXEL COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 75,000 (+tax) With the RED 49cm as an immediate delivery car, we can receive it from tomorrow! I couldn't get any pictures today because the weather was bad, but I would like to take a picture soon. Pixel is also a very easy -to -use body as an entry model, and is a perfect vehicle for daily use. Let's start this opportunity! ! Adatch yokohama@brotures.com
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