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It's mizu! ! The other day, I got a dangerous thing, so I will introduce it! ! This is Market Tote made by seniors who have been indebted to me for a long time This isCash bag -shaped back using the latest material called Cuben Fiber The base of the handle has a D -can and a shoulder strap, so it can be used as a shoulder back. This is Cube BenfibertUsed for bulletproof vest, etc., compared with the same weight, about 8 times the strength of piano wire I got a Iketel thing that was concerned with such a material! ! I want to get into the main subject soon! ! Today, the baton wheel "AEROSPOKE", which is a popular and immovable popularity in the past and now, will arrive soon. AEROSPOKE NATURAL CARBON WHEEL FRONT ¥ 40,000 This time, this Nature will be available! ! The biggest attraction of Aerospoke is the amount. This price is not with baton wheel! ! This beautiful look is also one of the attractions. It is more durable than other companies' baton wheels. Recommended wheels for those who want to SKID by putting them in the rear Good news for those who want to put color items again! ! If you want such a color, you can order Natural to paint, so you can order color items. The characters of AEROSPOKE disappear, but the quality is definitely painted in Japan! ! The finish is quite beautiful, and the paint is strong, so there is no risk of peeling off! ! This time, the number is small, and it is likely to be sold out immediately, so if you want it, we recommend that you make a reservation. Don't miss this opportunity Finally, please see the image actually put in the body Mizu
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