CINELLI × MASH HISTOGRAM 2015 Restock dec...

Good evening everyone, mizu! ! I feel like it's raining all day today. 。 。 I recently got my own camera. Completely received the influence of regulars (laughs) I'm going on a trip to the beginning of July, so I'm desperately practicing. When your skills come up, we will show you a photo! ! By the way, today, the popular frame "CINelli x Mash 2015 Histogram" has been decided to be restocked. CINELLI × MASH HISTOGRAM 2015 Framest ¥ 130,000 Legendary San Francisco crew [Mash]. They are extremely popular with macaframa in the piste movie. This is a frame that is released every year in collaboration with the three most popular Italian manufacturers [Cinelli] around the world. The 2015 model is a relatively simple design called BLACK called Polish logo However, the color is applied inside the fork and the inside of the chain stay. As expected, it's fashionable! ! This frame has a relatively different angle of the seat tube and head tube than the track frame Requires a very aggressive form, as it is downward, and it is easy to move weight when skid. Mash S.f., which is designed to be designed, makes it easier to do dancing on the street (the operation of getting off the saddle and standing). Frame is designed. Design, material, and design are the finest frames. Click here for the actual image Any custom will be perfect! ! It is a frame that is easy to customize. The number is quite small this time, so if you definitely want it, you need to make a reservation! ! Probably this is the last chance! ! It is a first -come, first -served basis. If you are worried, please feel free to contact us by phone or e -mail. Mizu
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