Hello! Even though it was sunny in the weather forecast, I was crying for guerrilla heavy rains. It's Adatch. I'm taking a day off tomorrow, so I'm planning what to do now, but I'm going to lose the heat and I'm going to withdraw. 。 smile By the way, today is the announcement of CINELLI MASH HANDLE! ! There are two types of arrival. CINELLI MASH BULLHORN ¥ 17,500 (+Tax) Vivid bull horn handle of the logo. A very popular handle with a unique and crushed shape! When you wear it, it looks like this! The bullhorn handle allows you to switch smoothly and handle. Some people have good aggressive looks, but not only the appearance, but also functionality. And next is the RoadDrop type. CINELLI MASH ROAD BAR ¥ 16,000 (+tax)

Because it uses 7000s aluminum two -am material, it is lightweight and tough.

It is a profile based on ergonomics and promises comfort in a wide range of genres, including roads, cyclocross, and fixie bikes.

The logo is different from the Bullhorn type, and the GREY logo on the Black handle. I think many people have a bitter design! When you actually wear it, it looks like this! ! As I tell every time, these handles. I think the movement is fast. If you wish, please come! ! Adatch
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